Epoxy Resins have taken off, people just love the looks resins create, plus epoxies are booming as a way to make income. You too can be part of this boom by having your own brand of epoxy resins. Yes!! Solid Solutions will private label our famous products so you can be part of this boom. We can private label for you any product on our website, products such as resin art epoxys, river resin epoxy, jewellery resin, moulding and casting materials, and lots more. Guidance is available on the most popular lines and we can even custom package to your requirements. All this is available with easy low volume purchase levels.

Solid Solutions is still very much a brand in its own right and we will continue to sell on our website and through our factory shop. Through private labeling for you, we stand to gain extra purchasing power and lift our overall turnover, while you get to grow your own brand name.

Why not look at what we have to offer, in products, generous profit potential, and easy order numbers? We really look forward to hearing from you to take this win-win proposal further.

Kind regards,

Tom Johansen


(03) 9579 2044