Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit
Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit
Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit
Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit
Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit
Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit

Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit


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Art Resin Epoxy 1:1 | 4L Kit

Kit Includes:

1 x 2L Part A Bottle

1 x 2L Part B Bottle

Crafting with Art Resin Epoxy has never been easier. Our user-friendly 1:1 mixing ratio and low viscosity formula provide a generous 30 minute working time, allowing for stress-free pouring and seamless coverage. Once cured, this durable epoxy resin exhibits remarkable impact resistance and heat tolerance up to 80 degrees Celsius, ensuring your masterpieces withstand the test. Art Resin Epoxy is tough, water clear, self levelling, glass like epoxy coating system.

Recommended for resin art, decoupage and coating wood, photographs, large surface areas, coasters and small moulds.

HELPFUL TIP: If using on chopping boards or items with rounded edges, allow the resin to sit for 15 minutes after mixing, Art Resin will start to thicken to allow for a thicker pour.

Resin Art Ready - Crystal clear, high gloss, glass-like finish is ideal for resin art projects like coasters, jewelry, and more. Self-levels for a smooth, even surface.

Canvas Coating - Excellent to coat canvas artwork, providing a protective, transparent layer for a professional look.

UV Resistant - Contains UV stabilizers to prevent yellowing and deterioration caused by sunlight exposure. Maintains crystal clarity over time.

Self-Leveling - Low viscosity allows the epoxy to spread evenly across surfaces without leaving brush marks or uneven texture. It achieves a consistently smooth, glossy finish.

Resin Art ✔  Coating Wood ✔  Timber ✔  Canvas ✔  Large Surface Areas ✔  Decoupage ✔ Chopping Boards ✔ Food Contact Safe ✔ Coasters ✔  Small Moulds ✔ 

  • Mixing Ratio 1:1 Volume
  • Working time 30min @ 25° C
  • Low Viscosity
  • Ultra Clear Finish
  • UV Resistant
  • Self Leveling

Pour Depth 1 mm – 12 mm
Temperature Resistance – up to 80 degrees Celsius


1 Combined litre, 500ml Part A & 500ml Part B will cover approximately 1 sq mtr @ 1mm Depth


A tough flexible, water clear, self levelling glass like epoxy coating system. Poured over existing art work, a single coating can equal 50 coats of varnish. Art Resin is a new art medium, when used with pigments and dyes it gives a deep 3D glass art look,
also recommended for decoupage and coating wood, photographs and metal


Ensure that the object to be coated is clean and dry, but most importantly set up the object on a plastic covered level surface. Establish the surface is level using a spirit level.


1 part A to 1 part B by volume. Mix thoroughly in a straight sided, flat bottomed container. Do not mix in an ice cream container. Use a flat ruler shaped mixing stick. Mix well scraping around the sides and base of the container. Mix until the material is crystal clear free of any streaks. 

Always keep caps on bottles when not in use. Store at room temperature (18°) away from direct sunlight.
Do not store on concrete floors.

Work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing and using. Over-exposure may cause sensitization. Uncured material can be removed with a solvent or methylated spirit followed by washing
with warm soapy water. Always wear a mask when using any solvent cleaner.

 Curing temp 20°C
 Thickness 1mm - 12mm 1 day
 Full Cure 3 days


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