Epoxy Casting Resin 1:1 | 1L Kit

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Solid Solutions: Premium Epoxy Casting Resin

Kit Includes: 1 x 500mL Part A Bottle (RESIN) + 1 x 500mL Part B Bottle (HARDENER)

Mixing Ratio 1:1 by Volume

Working time 60min @ 20° C

Curing Temp 24 hrs

Full Cure 2 - 4 days

Pour Depth 1 mm – 50 mm

Temperature Resistance – up to 80 degrees Celsius

Block Casting ✔  Jewellery Making ✔ Flower Preservation ✔ Pendants ✔  Bangles ✔  Timber ✔  Earrings ✔  Necklace Making ✔ Clear Doming Resin ✔ Key Rings ✔ Medallions ✔ Food Contact Safe ✔ Chopping Boards ✔

  • Crystal-Clear Clarity: Achieve a flawless, glass-like finish for your creations, free from imperfections and cloudiness.
  • Easy Mixing:  A simple 1:1 ratio ensures consistent results with no need for complex measurements.
  • Low Bubble Formula:  Pour with confidence as our resin minimizes bubbles, leaving your projects smooth and flawless.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for jewelry, coasters, art pieces, and more, our resin adheres beautifully to wood, glass, ceramics, and various surfaces.
  • UV Resistance:  Preserve your creations' vibrancy with exceptional UV resistance.
  • Safe and Odor-Free: Craft your projects in comfort with our non-toxic, low odor formula.

Endless Creativity, Embed objects, experiment with effects, and layer colours to craft truly unique and captivating designs.

Instructions for Use

1. Measure equal parts of resin and hardener.
2. Thoroughly mix slowly for 3-5 minutes until clear.
3. Pour into your chosen mold or project.
4. Allow the recommended curing time.

Pro Tip : Use propane torch for micro bubbles.

Work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing and using. Over-exposure may cause sensitization. Uncured material can be removed with a solvent or methylated spirit followed by washing
with warm soapy water. Always wear a mask when using any solvent cleaner.

Customer Reviews

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Epoxy Casting Resin 1:1 | 1L Kit

This is the best epoxy resin I have used. Quick to cure, zero bubbles and crystal clear finish. Awesome products!

Kerrie Vaughan

It is an amazing solution.very easy to work with. Have ordered more, awaiting its arrival