Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit
Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit
Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit
Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit
Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit

Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit


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Silicone Rubber 1:1 Mould Maker | 500mL Kit

Kit Includes:

1 x 250mL Part A Bottle

1 x 250mL Part B Bottle

Suitable for making delicate intricate impression moulds, masks, soap moulds, candle molds. Ideal for fine detailed moulds used in conjuncton with Solid Cast 660 Polyurethane for producing plastic models, figurines, jewellery and prototype parts.

Silicone Rubber is suited to small to larger moulding and casting work used in conjunction with concrete or plaster to produce figurines, garden ware and precast building elements.

Platinum Cure Silicone ✔  Impression Moulds ✔  Soap Moulds ✔  Candle Moulds ✔  Jewellery & Prototype Parts ✔  

  • Mixing Ratio 1:1 by Volume
  • 20 - 30 min pot life
  • Low Viscosity
  • Shore Hardness 30A
  • 2 Hour Cure Time
  • Food Grade Non - Toxic

Temperature Resistance – up to 220 degrees Celsius


1 Combined litre, 500ml Part A & 500ml Part B will cover approximately 1 sq mtr @ 1mm Depth


1 part A to 1 part B by volume. Mix thoroughly in a straight sided, flat bottomed container. Do not mix in an ice cream container. Use a flat ruler shaped mixing stick. Mix well scraping around the sides and base of the container.

Demoulding in around 2 to 4 hours @ 25 degrees. Low 0.01% Shrinkage on large scale moulds. If mould is adhesive after 24 hours this is due to temperature been too cold. You can fix this by placing mould in a hot room @ 25 degrees or wait 3 - 5 days and this will go away.


It is recommended when pouring large casting moulds to set silicone for at least 12 hours before demoulding.

Work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing and using. Over-exposure may cause sensitization. Uncured material can be removed with a solvent or methylated spirit followed by washing
with warm soapy water. Always wear a mask when using any solvent cleaner.

 Curing temp 25°C
 Shore Hardness  30A
 Cure 2 hrs @ 25 degrees
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
David Peters
First time mold making.

I was amazed at hoe easy it was to make my mold using the two part 1:1 ratio. I was molding a model part that I needed and the mold came out perfect no bubbles in the wrong place or anything like that. I now have to find the time to try my mold but so far a piece of cake. Quick delivery as well.

1:1 silicone Rubber Mould Maker

Excellent product. Exactly what I needed

Daniel Osmond
Silicone Rubber

I'm very new at silicone rubber mould and I was very impressed on how easy it is to use the only thing is that I didn't order the right amount

Roy Paravinic

As I am new to plastic casting, tried another brand to make a mold found it to flexible. Solid Solution product is firm allowing for finer model thickness

Breanna Bevans
Very happy

Easy to mix up and easy use. First time user, very happy. Thank you.