Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit
Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit
Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit
Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit

Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit


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Epoxy Resin | Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit

Kit Includes:

1 x 750g of Part A in a 1 litre Bottle

1 x 250g Part B in a 250ml Bottle

Clear Wood Epoxy is a Glass like, ultra-clear coat epoxy resin, for timber surfaces. The most glass like clarity and tough surface for wood. Matches 50 coats of varnish in one self levelling pour.

  • Mixing Ratio 3:1 weight
  • Working time 40min @ 25° C
  • Low Viscosity
  • Ultra Clear Finish
  • Matches 50 coats of varnish

Clear Top Coat ✔ Timber ✔ Fill Small Holes in Timber✔ Necklace Making ✔ Clear Doming Resin ✔ Key Rings ✔ Medallions ✔ Pendants ✔ Bangles ✔  Earrings ✔  Food Contact Safe ✔

Temperature Resistance – up to 80 degrees Celsius


Joinery can be given a glass like finish equivalent to 50 coats of varnish when a single poured out coating of Clear Wood Epoxy 606 is applied. The unique surface tension of the resin allows for a 1mm to 2mm thick coating without run off, large wood defects and knot holes prefilled with Clear Wood Epoxy 606 become features.

Clear Wood Epoxy 606 can be cast to form objects such as chess pieces or paperweights, incorporating embedded objects such as coins, medals, shells, company logos and collectables.

Decoupage work can be done by pouring the resin over trays, placemats and tabletops. Defect in woodwork such as furniture, wood and floorboards can be filled with resin alone or mixed with sawdust or colorants. Clear Wood Epoxy 606 has a long history of use as a capping resin over metal badges.


Mix thoroughly in a straight sided, flat bottomed container. Using a flat ruler shaped mixing stick, mix well scraping around the sides and base of the container. Mix until the
material is crystal clear, free of any streaks. A thin layer of resin will cure between 20°C and 30°C in 24 hours. Do not let the temperature drop below 20°C.

Small castings and thin layers of room temperature cured resin can prove brittle in some applications.
Maximum impact strength is gained by after 5 days. A maximum block casting of around 250ml can be achieved in a silicone rubber mould.

Clear coating on wood, bubbles can be removed by safety running a propane torch flame over the surface.
Repeat after 15 minutes to remove further air bubbles
that may rise from wood.


Measure out 3 parts A to 1 part B by weight using a scale. DO NOT MIX BY VOLUME.

Always keep caps on bottles when not in use. Store at room temperature (18°) away from direct sunlight.
Do not store on concrete floors.

Work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing and using. Over-exposure may cause sensitization. Uncured material can be removed with a solvent or methylated spirit followed by washing
with warm soapy water. Always wear a mask when using any solvent cleaner.


Note resins and hardeners’ have a tendency to go thick and cloudy in cold weather. Check materials are clear and free flowing before using. Material can be reconstitution by standing the bottles with caps removed, in very hot water and stir the contents until the liquids are runny and non-cloudy. Allow to cool back to room temperature before proceeding with mixing. 

 Curing temp 20°C
 Thickness 1mm - 2mm 1 days
 Maximum impact strenght 5 days
 Maximum Block Casting 250ml mass


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Solid Cast 606 | Clear Wood Epoxy 3:1 - 1kg Kit

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