Solid Solutions Mica Powder Mixing Fluid - 1 Litre

Mica Powder Mixing Fluid - 1 Litre

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Solid Solutions MIXING FLUID is water-based, specially designed to be used in conjunction with pearlescent mica powder pigments.

When combined, this quick-drying fluid produces a highly pigmented and flexible shimmering paint that can be applied to various surfaces such as paper, card, wood, ceramic, and canvas. To avoid creating bubbles, it is important to stir slowly when mixing the pearlescent mica powder particles with the mixing fluid.

Apply the mixture using a soft hair brush, gently moving it back and forth across the surface. 30 minutes touch-dry and water resistant. For optimal results with pearlescent mica powder, it is recommended to apply 2-3 layers of paint, allowing each layer to fully dry before applying the next.

If a translucent watercolour effect is desired, adding additional mixing fluid and water will achieve this effect. Can also be used for Fluid Art designs.

Prior to use, gently shake the bottle to ensure proper consistency.
Clean up with soap and water.

  • Mica Powder Mix: Easy mix Mica Powder
  • Professional Artist: Professional Artist grade
  • Non-Yellowing: Non yellowing Professional Artist grade
  • Water Resistant: Water Resistant when dry
  • Dry: Touch dry in 30 minutes

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Richard Baker
Mixing mica fluid

Wow I've had a great time mixing up different colours I've been painting anything that can't get away from me .I've been really impressed with every product I've purchased so far ,I'll definitely be adding more to my pallet